Kimberly Marie Tweedt
My Family

Brian, Savannah, Owen,

Potus, my dog, and our two fish!

Activities I Enjoy

Gymboree with Savannah & O!

Movie & TV

Traveling with Family

Showing off Potus on Walks

Going to Concerts

Playing/Coaching Soccer

Family Games

Dancing with Brian

Beachin’ it

USC & Angels Games


Photo albums

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Kim’s Photos

Updated 1/11

Photos from 2002 and beyond!

30th Birthday

August 2006

31st Birthday

August 2007

Savannah Home

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Owen Home

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Life, Love & What-not

This is the worst web site ever.  I’m sorry.  Brian made me make this.  If anyone actually is reading this, I’m really sorry.  You should go look at Savannah’s web site, which is actually pretty cool. 

For those of you who actually do want to know about my life, here it goes:  Grew up all over, went to 3 high schools, graduated from USC in 1998 with a BS in Elementary Education and a Minor in Sociology.  Taught Elementary school in Inglewood Unified, graduated with a MA in Educational Counseling in 2001.  Worked as an academic advisor at the University of La Verne.  Got married to college boyfriend, Brian Tweedt.  Left Education to work with him in crazy reality TV land.  He does camera, I did production sound mixing.  Then had a baby and now help out from home doing office stuff.

Top 10 Phrases Kim Says Often

(according to Brian):

1. What Ever, dude!

2. You Suck

3. I’m going to Kill you

4. Bite Me

5. I’ll be you’re best friend...

6. Okay, Love

7. Oh, crum bum

8. Nuts

9. (insert negative sentence), punk!

10. Brian, You’re the Best!

About Me


Kimberly Marie Tweedt

(formerly Anderson!)


Low 30’s


August 12



Best Friend

Brian... Duh.

All-time Favorites

Movies So I Married and Axe Murderer, Sixteen Candles, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, The Little Mermaid, The Usual Suspects, Life is Beautiful, Rear Window, Garden State

Books Anything by James Patterson, Mary Higgins Clark, and the Stephanie Plum by Janet Evanovich.  This is for light reading only.

Musical Acts Guster, Edwin McCain, John Mayer, Jack Johnson, Toad the Wet Sprocket, and Kaitlyn Anderson

Food Ice Cream and all deserts in general, mac & cheese, hummus & pita chips

Places Anywhere with a beach and a pina colada!