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What’s in a Name?

James Owen Tweedt is named in honor of Brian’s Grandfather, James Elmer Tweedt, a self-made man who’s love for his wife and entire family is an inspiration to all.  James Owen is the first male Tweedt born in 30 years (Brian was the last), and will carry on the Tweedt name for another generation.

James is also Brian’s middle name (Brian James Tweedt), Brian’s Dad’s middle name (Terry James Tweedt), Brian’s Maternal Great-Grandfather, James A. Baggs (and his son Jim),  and Jeff Anderson’s oldest brother and Kim’s Godfather (James R. Anderson).

With all of the “James” names, family gatherings could become quite confusing.  So we will be calling James Owen Tweedt simply “Owen.”

The name “Owen”

was originally suggested to Brian by HGTV’s “Over Your Head” celebrity host, Eric Stromer.  Kim & Brian couldn’t get the name out of their heads!  Thanks Eric!

In addition, Owen’s initials of “J.O.” are also in tribute to Kim’s Grandfather, John Oscar Jenkins, a great renaissance man who left a lasting impression on everyone he met.

And for you name statisticians out there, “Owen” and “Savannah” both ranked #37 on the top 100 most popular names of 2006.  It must be fate.



February 7, 2007

at 9:00 AM


8 pounds, 1 oz


20 inches


St. Jude Medical Center

Fullerton, California

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The Birth

February 7, 2007

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February 9 - August 7

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August 7 - November 7

Nine to Twelve

Nov 7 - February 6, 2008

First Birthday

February 7, 2008

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February 7, 2009

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February 5 and 7, 2010

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James Owen Tweedt

James E. Tweedt

J.O. Jenkins

Terry James Tweedt

James Anderson

FOUR Generations...

On ONE lap!  It’s the

Tweedt men goofin’ around!

Owen Meets Eric

An Interview with Owen
January 2014


James Owen Tweedt


February 7, 2007


Play Lego: Batman, Star Wars, Indiana Jones; 
Star Wars minifigures, Legos, swim, ski Chairs 4, 16, 8, 7, 17.

When I grow up... 

I want to be a rockstar and mechanic.

My favorite Movie... 

Raiders of the Lost Arc, Star Wars I, III, V

My favorite Songs...

I Don’t wanna be in Love (Kids Bop), Let Me Be Your Hog (Weird Al), Do You Love Me? (Guster)

My favorite Disneyland Rides... 

Indiana Jones, Star Tours, Bobs & Sleds, Goofy’s Skyschool, Autopia

My favorite Food... 

Mac & Cheese, Spaghetti

My favorite Drink... 

Root Beer, Coke, Cherry Coke

My favorite Dance Move... 

Izzy, Gangnam Style

My favorite Book...

Darth Maul’s Mission, Once Upon a Royal SuperBaby 

An Interview with Owen
January 2012


James Owen Tweedt


February 7, 2007


Play with Dad and Mom, play Lego Star Wars & Lego Indiana Jones, play with the iPatch (iPad), I like to go to DisneyWorld, play with new cars, drive my big Jeep, play with my family, I like to play with my friends at school, play with my Sister, sing in the microphone and play the electric guitar.

When I grow up... 

I want to be a space astronaut in the white suit who does the spacewalk

My favorite Movie... 

The new blu-ray Star Wars

My favorite Songs...

Greasy Kids Stuff, Let Me be Your Hog, I Can’t Stop Partying

My favorite Disneyland Rides... 

Space Mountain Ghost Galaxy (during Halloween time)

My favorite Food... 

Cantaloupe, Honey Seared Chicken

My favorite Drink... 

Ba-lub (bubbly water)

My favorite Dance Move... 

The Izzy Move