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This web archive has photos of Savannah up to age 10 and videos up to age 14.  It will no longer be updated, so please enjoy the memories!

You can see the latest photos of Savannah on the Nine Years and Beyond page.  Check out photos from her Bubble Ball (Bumper Soccer) 10th Birthday Party on her 10th Birthday page and the insanely epic 10th Birthday Video of the Bubble Ball event!

Check out her 2015 entry in the “Hit Like a Girl” drumming contest HERE, or check out her rock band “The Cheeseburglars” play two songs HERE, or you can take a look at over 40 other cool videos by checking out the videos page.

There are also four interviews with Savannah at different ages on the “About Savannah” page near the bottom.  Check them out!

For all photos & video, click on the links on the top of the page!  Enjoy!

Growing up is Fun!

LEFT: Watch out!  That’s gonna be one big snowball! 

ABOVE:  Savannah drums for the “The Cheeseburglars” during a live show in the summer of 2015.