seasons greetings!


Seasons Greetings! This Christmas letter comes to you filled with great excitement and joy! We are pleased to welcome our first daughter, Savannah Maye Tweedt, to the world. She was born September 14, 2005 and she is truly a blessing. It is so fun to see her grow and change with each new day. Her personality is coming to life. We enjoy playing with her, watching her smile and coo, cuddling her to sleep, and of course, photographing her (Thank goodness for digital!). We are even starting to get more sleep (or just getting used to the lack of it). She and our dog Potus are getting along well, as Potus will snuggle up against her to rest. Savannah is also fond of spending time with her family. She loves to play with her uncle and aunts. Savannah is the first grandchild for both our parents so they are so thrilled and supportive – this is going to be one spoiled baby! We are extremely grateful for their help. We look forward to the new discoveries this year will bring.

Savannah has brought many changes to our lives. Brian continues to work and travel with his career in cinema-television. Since the birth, however, his traveling is slowing down a bit. Brian is still working as the head Director of Photography on EimiDate, which has taken him to Miami, Las Vegas, Sacramento, Kansas City, Chicago, Raleigh, Charleston, Myrtle Beach, Boston, Columbus, Atlanta, Phoenix, and Honolulu. Along with the responsibilities of shooting the show, he has taken on a more managerial role. He hires the crew, takes care of all camera gear, and problem solves with the Telepictures (Warner Bros.) executives. Brian is also helping to create, write, produce and shoot two new series to be sold for television. He enjoys the many facets of work on these series, as he is able to showcase his talent and creativity. Kim likes that most of the work is local. Kim was working as a sound mixer with Brian throughout the pregnancy. Both of us worked on a new series, Cooking Under Fire, for PBS early in the year. She even did sound on ElimiDate until her 8th month of pregnancy. Now she is working part-time from home. She helps Brian with the management side of ElimiDate by making travel arrangement and accommodations for all crews, and is responsible for billing. It is perfect, as it is enough work to keep her busy, but still allow her to spend most of her time caring for the many needs of a newborn.

We did not get to do much traveling for pleasure this year. Before the baby was born was did take a mini-vacation to Palm Springs for some much needed rest, relaxation and time together. It was a great time, especially the day at the spa! We are looking forward to a trip to Honolulu, Hawaii in December and a ski trip to Park City, Utah in January. This is going to be one well-traveled infant!

We hope this letter finds you all well. We wish you a happy holiday season and all the best in 2006. May your life be filled with much success and many blessings!

Happy Holidays,

Brian, Kim, Savannah,

And Potus Tweedt